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Let's use this space to create and share models for uses of blogging with learners. Please add and edit any of these categories and fill them with linked examples!

Type of blog

Learning Goals / Description


Current issue discussion
National campaign to lobby for school libraries

The Hub
Professional expert blogs
Professional development

David Warlick - 2 Cents Worth
Will Richardson - Weblogg-ed
Anne Davis - EduBlog Insights
Teachers Training Teachers
Blue Skunk Blog
Chris Harris Infomancy
Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch
Voice of the professional/practicing librarian
Librarian reflects on day-to-day practice, trends in the field

Diane Chen's Practically Paradise
Hey Jude
Joyce Valenza
School Library SuperGlu
Librarian Philosopher
Bibliosphere News
A Library By Any Other Name
Rob Darrow
High School Library 2.0
Literature discussion (with or without learners)
Discussion of reading within class and with outside world

Lakeview High School's Night Blog
Flat Classroom Project
Hole in My Life (8th grade)
Iqbal (6th grade)
educating alice
Fully Booked
Shelf Tales
Subject specific blogs
Reflecting on subject/class/unit specific learning.
Communication among class members, between teacher and learners.
Subject or class-specific blog

Darren Kuropatwa's Pre-Cal 40S Blog
Civil War Research (7th grade)
Organizational blogs

Multimedia blogs
Collection of media, likely in the form of streaming, video, podcasts, etc.

Web 2.0 Video Blog
School Library blog
To share library news and events.

Northfield Mount Hermon Reading Room
Gargoyles Loose in the Library
Latest Links
Edmund Rice College
Book review blog
Share review of book read and encourage others to discuss their thoughts on the book.

Muller In the Middle
Fairrosa's Reading Journal
Book Bites
OMS Book Blog
VVMS Book Blog
Lit Picks and Tech Tips
Role playing
Understanding perspective. Might involve book characters, historical persons

Hamlet character blogs
Classroom stories
Describing an event, sharing an experience

Duck Diaries
Trout Blog
Research process blogs
Allow learners to reflect on the research process. Create transparent process. To allow intervention/comments from peers, teachers, mentors

Interaction with experts

Polar Science 2006
Conference/ Professional Development
Blogs belonging to a conference or the conference itself

K12 Online Conference
Organization Blog

AASL Weblog
Club Blogs
Helping members and sponsors communicate

Professional Sharing
Shared ideas/resources for teaching; reflections on professional development

Smart Learning
SMARTBoard Lesson Podcast
Branson eMINTS